We are very proud to be Family-Owned and Operated since 1991! A business that is Family-Owned no longer is viewed as a business, it becomes a member of the family. You nurture it, help it grow, provide for it and in turn it provides for you. You are proud of it because you have watched it evolve into what it is today.

Our coffee romance began in San Francisco in the 60’s. Jazz clubs and coffeehouses, long conversations with friends and strangers in our own little “Penny Universities.” From there, onto Berkeley where coffeehouses were where you studied and debated current events. It was that environment that developed our love for coffee,  its culture, and the quest for the perfect cup. In 1991, our Founder Harold Henderson finally realized that dream and started Big River Coffee.

We invite you to explore the world of coffee and all it has to offer. As you begin your journey, we invite you to slow down a bit – spend some time with your coffee.. Like any relationship, a little time and attention make a big difference. Once you’ve whet your appetite and begun honing your skills, you may want to delve deeper and venture into the more serious side of coffee culture. For our family coffee is a “daily ritual” therefore, only the best will do!